SPIRIT Movement @ChristaKeyser Yoga, Business, Life, Meditation andmore!

SPIRIT Movement @ChristaKeyser Yoga, Business, Life, Meditation andmore!

SPIRIT Movement @ChristaKeyser Yoga, Business, Life, Meditation andmore!SPIRIT Movement @ChristaKeyser Yoga, Business, Life, Meditation andmore!SPIRIT Movement @ChristaKeyser Yoga, Business, Life, Meditation andmore!

#SPIRITmovement ~ The Book



The world is moving quickly and the intensity of these times can feel difficult to navigate. We have been adversely affected by the economy, our political turmoil, the changing environment and people on this planet are enduring incredible life threatening circumstances. All of this creates a profound sensitivity that without the proper guidance can render us feeling powerless and overwhelmed.
This book offers mindful spiritual tools and practices that you can fit into your personal belief system. Ideas that work with a higher power of your own understanding. We all feel called and awakened at different times in our life. I believe it is inherent in all of us that we feel our best when we are growing. Whether it is our health, our profession, our family or our spirituality. When we are not growing we eventually feel stuck. Even if we are really comfortable, it may feel good to pause for a moment, but soon comes the itch to grow and expand our awareness.
Families by their sheer collective nature are constantly growing, evolving and awakening. We can do that together or we can seek individually, or maybe it is a bit of both. My experience of motherhood and parenting has been one of awakening and transformation. As I shared my new understandings and feelings with my loved ones I felt a coming home. I felt a sense of confirmation. I felt a sense of peace. I felt a deeper connection to my tribe. I watched as our family culture expanded with a new sense of calm, a greater understanding of forgiveness and a sensitive compassion for one another. The idea that we can create a ripple effect stirs a passion inside of me. Knowing that as you share these practices with your children you wake them up to a loving wisdom they already possess and ensures that you are not part of the worldly chaos that shuts it down. The ideas in this book are meant to be shared because the world needs more light and we all need more inner peace.
The 108 soulful methods I have shared in this book are not exclusively for families. We can all use them and benefit from them. Seeing the benefits of including my family in my transformation simply motivated me to share the tools in a capacity that allowed others to share the same opportunity.
Expect to expand on the relationship you have with your inner world and it’s relationship with the universe. Melt away fear and feelings of insecurity and feel inspired and empowered. My hope and intention for you is that you can flip open this book randomly, or go through the messages in numeric order, on a daily basis. Experiment with the practices and have fun doing it. You will not need a huge amount of time or to overhaul your schedule! Mindfulness and spiritual practices are by their nature not intended to add to your to do list but rather aid in directing your power back into yourself. Practice these tools and ideas to move through fears and perceptions that have been holding you back. Once you have experimented with each of the ideas you will feel renewed and energized. From that place you can pick out your favorites and bring them into your life as new habits and rituals.
Let’s get started!